1. MirrO Prop
    Floating Twitchbait


    Price:  $8.49

    Twin counter-rotating propellers...
    that’s what makes MirrO Prop ™ so special.

    This new floating twitchbait creates the perfect amount of surface commotion to catch BIG fish. MirrO Prop ™ combines a natural baitfish profile with sound and vibration to call predators from great distances. MirrO Prop ™ features a "built-in" luminescent insert, 3-D eyes, sonic rattles and premium hooks and hardware..

    MODEL: 10MR-EB, LENGTH: 3", WEIGHT: 1/2 Oz.
    Available Colors: 11, 18, 21, 26, 49, 50, 808, BCH, BKGCH, BNSBO, CFPR, CH, CHBL, EB, EC, S

    MirrOlure Brochure

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