1. Trout Master Series
    55 Set of 4
    Sinking Twitchbait


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    A Seventy Year Tribute to Our Founder, Harold LeMaster

    Harold LeMaster will always be remembered for his innovative approach to lure manufacturing. His unique designs with mirrors inside his lures helped create a flashing, lifelike appearance under water. Today each patented MirrOlure® is made with the same care and craftsmanship that Harold demanded.

    Set of 4 Trout Master Lures in Special Colors and Packaging

    In a tribute to Harold, we have reproduced a Limited Edition Set of 4 of his most successful lures and color patterns in Commemorative Boxes. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a piece of Trout Master fishing history...that began in 1948.

    Limited Edition Group ONLY 2,500 SETS
    $49.99 Suggested Retail
    All Four Special Colors
    In Commemorative Boxes

    Model: 55, Length: 3-5/8", Weight: 1/2 Oz. Depth: 3-8'+
    Available In Set of Four: 55-11, 55-27, 55-28, 55-29

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