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    Hand-tuned and tank-tested to assure a realistic swimming action. When choosing trolling speed, watch your rod tip for vibration. All feature MirrOlure ® sonic "fish calling" rattles and premium big game hooks. Can also be used as casting lures with excellent results. Great for Tuna, Striper, Grouper, Dorado, King Mackerel, Blues, Wahoo, Pike and Muskie.

    Big Game 113MR swims true even at high trolling speeds. The stainless steel lip is an added attractor in murky or clear water - better visibility. Swims with a wide side-to-side wiggle.

    Model: 113MR, Length: 7", Weight: 2-1/4 Oz. Depth: 12'+, Trolling Speed: 2-9 Knots
    Available Colors: 11, 18MAC, 19MAC, 21, 24MAC, 707MAC, 801, ECMAC, FT, HP, PD

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