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The MirrOlure® C-Eye™ Pro Series features natural clear 3-D eyes, contemporary fish-catching finishes and premium black nickel hooks. Add a C-Eye™ Pro Series Lure to your tackle selection and catch a fish of a lifetime. Available in top water (shown above), suspending twitch baits and sinking twitch baits.

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The Luminescence Series has a bold flash combined with a natural baitfish pattern. Our new luminescence foil insert possess a reflective quality that bends the light spectrum to draw the fishes attention. All models feature sonic “fish calling” rattles, the famous 3-D firey red eyes, extra strong hooks, stainless steel hardware and a heat cured MirrOclear™ finish. Available in a suspending twitch bait (shown above), surface walkers and floating twitch baits.

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MirrOlure Series III is a revolutionary look to our line of Coastal Classics. Series III® combines a natural baitfish scale pattern with a highly reflective holographic foil for unmatched brightness and realism. All models feature sonic “fish calling” rattles, the famous 3-D firey red eyes and MirrOred hooks. Available in a sinking twitch bait (shown above), surface walkers, floating twitch baits and suspending twitch baits.

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Our process begins, not with the material that is used to make our hard body lures but with the mold process itself. This is the base, the foundation on which we build your lure choice. First, a prototype is constructed and tested by our research team. Refinement in the lure shape and characteristics have, at times, taken years to complete. If, at the end of our field testing, the prototype has met all of the design criteria and has been successful in raising fish to strike, then it moves on to the mold and die room.

The overall shape of the lure and our natural baitfish scale pattern embedded on the inside of the lure, emerge from the molds in two clear parts. One for the front half (head), and one for the back half (tail).

Next, a highly reflective insert is added along with a weighting system. Some lures, the R series, have the added attraction of a sonic fish calling rattle placed inside an echo chamber. The head and tail parts are then joined together.

Artisans use airbrushes and various masks to recreate natural baitfish patterns. Some patterns will require as many as eight separate coats of paint plus an additional final MirrOclear® coat.

Every lipped lure is hand-tuned and tank tested. Anytime you tie on a MirrOlure® Bait, prepare to set new records. After all, our lures are known as The Record Setters.®

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MirrOlure® …the brand that fishermen trust has introduced a NEW line of soft plastic baits. Any of our new baits can be rigged on jig heads, spinners or weedless hooks. All are scented and extremely effective on Trout, Redfish, Snook, Flounder and Striped Bass.

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The “Paul Brown Revolution” began in 1974, in a garage that Paul and his wife, Phyllis, called “The Shop”. Today MirrOlure, is producing Paul’s line of lures under the watchful eye of Paul himself.

What has always been the Brown’s dream is now coming to reality, the ability to supply Paul’s special line of lures to every angler from Texas to North Carolina.

“I am Paul Brown, and I assure you, every detail we put into the production of my Original Series is being followed to the letter, in MirrOlure’s plant.”

So now, what you wished for is coming true... a Paul Brown Original Series Lure, whenever you want one... at a tackle dealer near you.

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Founder, Harold LeMaster, will always be remembered for his innovative approach to lure manufacturing. His unique use of a mirror to give his lures a flashing, lifelike appearance underwater, is appreciated by fishermen the world over. Today, the patented MirrOlure® is made with the same care and craftsmanship that Mr. LeMaster demanded.

At L&S Bait, we have always maintained the goal of providing a product that would allow our fishing partners the opportunity of setting records every time they were on the water.

Round bend premium hooks and premium hardware.
Enticing 3-D eyes trigger explosive strikes.
Built-in MirrOlure® inserts attract distant fish.
Lifelike scales and gills end short strikes.
Durable heat-cured MirrOclear™ finish.
Tank tested and hand-tuned.
Nine fish catching colors.


L&S Bait Company is pleased to present our growing family of lures for the dedicated big game angler. Iland Lures® have earned a world-wide reputation as the finest, most productive artificial lures made today. Striking brilliance and incredible realism are the keys to their success. Their brilliance provides the widest possible detection range and a strike-provoking realism that attracts all species of gamefish. Several unique features, common to all Iland Lures® combine to provide outstanding performance.

Eye contact is the final decision factor in predator aggression and black dots alone do not excite predators. The unique gold eyes in Iland Lures® are the result of extensive tests and development to provide eyes that intimidate, provoke and challenge. They provide that critical step beyond realism that means the difference between a slow days’ catch and a tournament winning performance.

The exclusive use of lustrous nylon fiber skirts gives the Iland Lures® unmatched effectiveness and durability. No other material combines the far ranging brilliance, natural motion, indestructibility and lure stabilizing qualities that nylon does.

Iland Lures® stand up to repeated attacks from toothy predators, making cut-off skirts from Wahoo, Barracuda and King Mackerel a thing of the past.

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